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Thank you for perusing our website. Whether you are actively seeking a new position, networking to build your industry relationships, or looking to establish a relationship with a search professional who can help you to advance your career in the future, we appreciate your interest.

Our approach emphasizes:

  • Confidentiality: We keep our discussions confidential and discrete. We do not refer you to any client without your prior consent. Likewise, we will ask clients who review your background to exercise discretion
  • Honesty: We accurately describe to you the salient features of the client organization, the nature of the opportunity, and the likelihood that you will be a successful candidate
  • Fit: We will give careful consideration to your personal goals and interests, as well as your preferences regarding work environment. We won’t waste your time chasing after positions that are not likely to be a good fit for you
  • Meaningful feedback: Whenever possible, we provide you with feedback that enables you to understand how your candidacy was viewed and the reasons for decisions
  • Timely follow-up: We don’t let you sit for weeks wondering about the status of your candidacy. We follow up with our clients and share the information with you as soon as it is available
  • Long-term connection: We have a long-term interest in your success. Once you establish a relationship with us, you are welcome to contact us if you have questions about your career. We want to contribute to your success

Submit your resume into our confidential database. We will review your resume promptly to determine if you are a fit for one of our current assignments. If so, we will contact you directly. If not, we may contact you when future opportunities arise.

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