Why Choose E & A?

Clients choose us because they want to maximize the probability of success. We understand the technology, business models, and organizational culture. Our clients recognize our strengths in these areas and want us on their team. Here are some of our additional success factors:

Candidate Quality

Clients appreciate the difference in the caliber of the candidates we present. They say, Your candidates are exceptional; how do you find them? We have tremendous research tools, but it’s not the size of our database that makes the difference. We continually cultivate strategic relationships with key individuals in our target markets whose expertise we can tap to guide our efforts and lead us to the best possible candidates.

Execution Quality

In his earlier career, Paul specialized in assisting clients with implementing continuous quality improvement methods and in reengineering business processes. We apply process thinking and high quality standards to our own operations. We use checklists and other mistake-proofing techniques to ensure that no balls are dropped.

Interaction Quality

We want our clients and candidates to enjoy working with us and to profit from the relationship. We provide feedback and suggestions when they are welcome and help clients and candidates put their best foot forward. Our goal is to exceed expectations, and we know we have done that when we hear, This is the best experience I have ever had working with a search firm.

Bottom-line Impact

We know we have made a difference when our clients accomplish their goals of attracting top talent. Examples: a top-selling electronic device company is protected by hundreds of patents filed by their Head of Intellectual Property. A venture-backed company grows 30% year-after-year and has a successful exit under the leadership in Sales and Marketing. A hedge fund produces the highest returns in its industry. These are the bottom-line results that inspire us to keep doing great work.

Repeat Business

When we succeed on a difficult search project, clients often ask us to tackle another engagement. We welcome challenges. We have proven that we can succeed in finding great talent for a wide range of positions from engineer, scientist, trader, or portfolio manager, to CEO, CIO, CMO, and board member.

See examples of our successful searches or read our testimonials for more information. If you would like to discuss how we could meet you needs, call us at (508) 947-5300.