Our Search Process

Recruiting and retaining top talent is one of the most critical tasks corporate leaders face. Yet, in today’s demanding business environment, it’s hard to find the time and resources to execute a search. This is where we can help.

As experienced search professionals, we bring advanced training in organization development, leadership and management to help our clients add star players to their teams while freeing them up to devote attention to other critical tasks. To do this, we employ a predictable and thorough process.

Our success is built on our competence in:

  • Assessing individuals and organizations
  • Maintaining confidentiality and exercising discretion
  • Conducting research and sourcing candidates
  • Persuading high performers to explore new opportunities
  • Facilitating interactions between the client and the candidates
  • Negotiating compensation, benefits, relocation, and conditions of employment
  • Following up with our candidates and clients after the search to ensure successful integration of the candidate into the organization

The Search Process:

We begin each search assignment by developing a strategy in concert with you, our client. This includes assessing your organization’s context and culture; developing a profile of the ideal candidate including specific values, skills, and abilities; identifying performance milestones for the successful candidate’s first six months; creating a target list of companies; and establishing a search timeline. The strategy is developed and implemented in phases:

Phase One

Phase One: Build the Foundation

  • Understand your industry/market
  • Study your company’s vision, mission, strategy, and culture
  • Interview hiring executives and peers on expectations
  • Draft the position specification that reflects skill requirements, and a profile of the ideal candidate; obtain agreement on the specification
Phase Two

Phase Two: Identify Prospective Candidates

  • Search using various databases and information tools
  • Source through academic and industry networks
  • Contact colleagues who are friends and sources for the firm
Phase Three

Phase Three: Assess Candidates

  • Contact active and passive candidate prospects
  • Interview and present a list of qualified candidates
  • Conduct weekly status reports and status calls
Phase Four

Phase Four: Structure Client-Candidate Interviews

  • Manage interview schedules and logistics
  • Assist in assessment and interview feedback
Phase Five

Phase Five: Select the Final Candidate

  • Present and manage the negotiation of the offer to the candidate; support the process for resignation and counteroffers
  • Manage references, including background checks and education verification, and provide an in-depth report
Phase Six

Phase Six: Ensure a Smooth Transition

  • Support the transition plan as necessary
  • Follow up with the newly situated executive and the client over the next year

Retaining Edelman & Associates:

Working on a retained basis best serves our clients’ needs and is most conducive to attracting outstanding candidates. The fee is based on the total first-year compensation package (base salary, target bonus, and sign-on bonus). Additionally, we invoice for out-of-pocket consulting expenses including travel and communication costs. Fees are payable in these segments: one-third of the estimated fee is paid to initiate the search, one-third is due at thirty days, and the balance is computed and payable when the successful candidate accepts the offer and gives notice to the current employer.